Sunday, May 29, 2011

Writers Union votes on collective licensing reform

After a long and searching discussion, the Annual General Meeting of the Writers' Union in Toronto passed the following resolution by an overwhelming majority this weekend.  It is hoped that other creators groups will take up the proposal for their own consideration

Recognizing that collective licensing of copyright is a vital interest of the creator community, but that creators receive an inadequate share of the revenues of Access Copyright and are unable to control how the copyright income raised in their name is managed;
And recognizing that key differences in the copyright interests of publishers and creators will always prevent Access Copyright from fully and effectively representing creators’ copyright interests;
Moved that a solution is an operational separation of creators’ and publishers’ interests in collective licensing, for instance, by the British model of a creator-run distribution collective that controls and distributes the half of collective revenues that belong to creators;
And moved that National Council direct an investigation as to how a significant reform of collective licensing in Canada can be brought about at the earliest possible moment.

The union also affirmed that it will continue to work with Access Copyright and other partners in the all-important fight to defend intellectual property and the principles of collective licensing.

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