Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Payback Deadline next Tuesday

Payments to creators who have affiliated* with Access Copyright are related to the size of the repertoire of works that they have made available for copying.

Once a year, creators are invited to update the account of the amount of material they have published -- through the Payback system at Access Copyright.

This year's deadline is Tuesday May 31.  We recommend creators complete the Payback process.

We certainly have issues with Payback -- and we'd be glad to publish creators' queries and comments here.    But if you are not "in" the Payback process, the money you are entitled to will go to someone else.

Payback starts at the Access Copyright website. Look for the Payback icon or logo, and click on it to enter.  There's a username and password to negotiate, and then you are in.

What you mostly need is a piece of paper to calculate the number of books or book contributions, magazine articles, journal articles, and newspaper articles you had published in each given year, and the total number of pages in each of those categories.  When you have that assembled, enter it in the online form.  No vast bibliographies, no ISBNS and ISSNS.

*"Affiliated."  We plan to start a glossary of the language of Access Copyright.  Watch for it, or suggest entries.

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